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Q: Where can the work be carried out?

A: Our PDR service is fully mobile. Paintless dent repairs can be carried out at your convenience, at home or your place of work. You can visit us at our workshop if you prefer.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: The timeframe for completing a repair is determined by the size of the damage as well as the location of the damage on the vehicle. Completion times vary from ten minutes to an hour.

Q: Are Dent UK technicians insured to work on all vehicles?

A: Every Dent UK technician is fully insured to work on your vehicle.

Q: Can all dents be repaired?

A: A number of factors will need to be considered when determining whether a dent can be totally removed. As ever, there are limitations to what the technique can achieve, however Dent UK have an extraordinarily high success rate and are often able to repair dents that have been declined for service by other companies.

Q: Can all panels of the vehicle be repaired?

A: Almost all panels can be repaired, with only a few exceptions.

Q: Can we really save money?

A: Absolutely, when compared to bodyshop prices, paintless dent repair comes in at only a fraction of the cost. Saving money is one of the key benefits of the PDR method of repair.

Q: Does the repair process affect the environment?

A: PDR has no detrimental effect on our environment because no fillers, chemicals or paints are used in the process.

Q: Are the before and after pictures of vehicles actual repairs carried out by Dent UK?

A: All repairs and vehicles shown have been performed by our highly skilled technicians.

Q: How can PDR help with end of lease return vehicles?

A: When lease vehicles are returned to dealers, all damage is noted and subsequently charged. Removing all dents and scratches with the use of PDR and smart repair techniques can ensure that these charges are substantially reduced.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?

A: Yes, all work carried out by Dent UK is guaranteed.