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The Hail Damage Division of Dent UK offers the highest levels of expertise in the repair of damage to vehicles caused by storms and falling hailstones.

The severity of hail damage can vary greatly, some vehicles may suffer only a handful of minor dents to roofs and bonnets, while others may sustain several hundred more serious indentations.

An exceptional amount of skill and patience is required to remove these dents, literally one by one. To do this effectively, we employ the technique of painless dent removal. This enables us to carry out the repairs without the use of any chemicals, fillers or paints, therefore maintaining the original integrity and finish of the vehicle.

Our highly skilled Dent UK technicians have, over many years of working in Europe and the UK, accumulated a wealth of experience professionally repairing hail damaged cars for motor manufacturers, transport companies, rental companies, new and used car dealerships and private individuals.

For a fast and friendly service and to take advantage of the benefits a PDR repair method can offer over a traditional bodyshop solution, contact Dent UK today for an independent assessment.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Eco-friendly process
  • Keep your original paintwork intact
  • Enjoy fully guaranteed repairs